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Our 'pro grade' lights are perfect for energy conscious users who need bright, high quality light without the typical high energy consumption. OnSolar bulbs are suitable for applications such as home and business, security, Boat and Barge / narrow boat, caravan, off grid, farming for stabling, outbuildings and workshops.

These 10W LED Baby floodlights were installed in a retail carpark
Stylish, High Efficiency DC Extra Low Voltage

The New OnSolar range of retrofit DC LED lamps has been developed with high performance and top quality in mind. High quality components have been selected in order to create a range of bulbs which have both high lumen output and realistic L70 ratings.

A New Age In DC Lighting...

Revolutionary Low Voltage Lighting

Low Energy 12V OnSolar LEDs vs regular 12V Incandescents - a NO Brainer!

Fix an old DC lighting Problem: Regular incandescent 12/24 volt light bulbs and other older style fluorescent lighting units were originally designed for the automotive trade or transport industry, where their high power consumption and poor efficiency was irrelevant.

The Solution: OnSolar Low Energy, Low Voltage 12V CFL compact fluorescent light bulbs! OnSolar has spent years developing and testing high quality 'Low Energy, Low Voltage' 12V DC CFL and LED bulbs specifically for solar powered lighting projects. We design lighting products that can be used with almost any low voltage DC based scenario you could think of!