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SDRC-10 12V - 24V Solar Charge Controller

SDRC-10 12V - 24V Solar Charge Controller

£14.95 See about our quantity discount

Our new solar PV controller incorporates a microprocessor intelligent control to control and regulate power from your solar PV to your battery pack. Using PWM (pulse wave Modulation) for high efficiency charging. The unit uses sensed data to provide either regular charging, boost, and float charging to keep battery in tip-top health. Use temperature compensation. A high accuracy over discharging circuit prevents excessively low voltage when using the lighting output circuit. Show More / Less

Please note: Unit price changes according to quantity. See a break down of our discount structure here: discount overview table

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Weight 210 grams
Product dimensions 15cm x 10cm x 38cm
Rated charge & load current 10A 120W @ 12V Nom 10A 240W @ 24V Nom
Working voltage 12V / 24V / Auto
Weight 210 grams
Control mode PWM charge mode; modified discharge voltage by the discharge rate
Over discharge return voltage 12.6V / 25.5V
Over discharge voltage 11.1V/ 22.2V(no load) real-time modified voltage by the discharge rate
Lower voltage indicate 12.0V x 2 / 24V
Temperature compensation 5mv / degree C / cell (Boost charge, Direct charge, Float charge, charge return voltage)
Charge return voltage / back to max charge power 13.2V / 26.4V
Float charge voltage 13.6V / 27.2V
Direct charge voltage 14.4V / 28.8V (10min)
Boost charge voltage 14.6V / 29.2V (10min)
Working temperature -35 degrees C to +55 degrees C
Over voltage protection 12V / 24V
Load circuit voltage drop 0.15 V
Charging circuit voltage drop 0.26 V
No load current 6mA

Faults: Unit displays running and fault conditions via 3 panel mounted LED.

SAFETY 1ST... Please ensure the correct rating of cabling is used throughout when installing DC circuits. Long cable runs may require high grade, high amperage cables in order to prevent excessive voltage loss, especially when using multiple lamps on the same circuit. DC lighting circuits should be fitted with a suitably rated fuse to prevent fire in the event of short circuit or malfunction.

Fitting notes: This item has four mounting lugs. Recommend using sturdy mounting screws and allowing at least 6 inches all around the unit to allow for efficient cooling when it is working hard.

Note: You may wish to seek advice when considering fuse ratings for your intended DC circuitry. Always consult a qualified electrician if you are unsure.