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12V - 48V Infared Remote Control PWM Dimmer

led dimmer

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12V / 24V Infared Remote Control PWM Dimmer

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A quality digital wall mounted LED dimming unit with manual control as well as infared remote. Unit will work from 12V and 24V to control LED lighting systems. You can use the remote control for smooth and stepless dimming right from your armchair and then use the presets / memory to select from either preset light levels from 0% to 100% or other user determined level.Show More / Less

Please note: Unit price changes according to quantity. See a break down of our discount structure here: discount overview table

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Opearting Voltage range 12V - 24V DC
Output power / max lamp loading 12V : 120 watts. 24V : 240 watts
Maximum output current 10 amps
Dimming graduation PWM with 512 steps for seamless dimming from 100% to zero via facia mounted knob or (included) infrared remote control
Dimensions 86mm x 86mm.
Includes Remote control with battery. 86 X 86 X 33 surface mounting back box with facia screws.
Fitting The dimmer unit can be installed into a standard surface or recess mount metal back boxes or dry wall switch box with an internal depth minimum 30mm. Before starting to install please study wiring diagram for correct wiring configuration. Gently remove front facia plate to expose mounting holes then use the two supplied screws to install into your chosen mounting box.