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BA15D SBC LED Lamps 2W, 3W

Dual Wattage 0.5 to 3W BA15D LED

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Ultra Compact LED light bulbs in BA15D, BA15S and BAY15D

A SBC / BA15D Small Bayonet fitting LED Light bulb. Suitable for many lighting applications using a 12v or 24v DC power supply where low energy is required. Applications include; car, caravan, home and marine.

An ideal 12/24v DC low energy lighting option where a very small but powerful BA15D format LED lamp is required. Choose from Dual wattage, dual voltage and warm or medium white options. Works with standard metal bA15D sockets with parallel pin configuration. Study the information below to make your selection. A direct replacement for most regular incandescent BA15D lamps. The dual fillament version can only be used with a metal lamp socket where the metalwork can be connected to negative. Show More / Less

See fitting options below, drop us an email if you need clarification on anything.

BA15 fittings

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2W BA15S SBC (SINGLE base pin) Warm White. Dual voltage 12V/24V

Image 1 17mm x 45mm. 130Lm.

2W BA15D (Double Pin) Warm White. Dual voltage 12V/24V :

Image 1 17mm x 45mm. 130Lm.

3.5W Warm White avaliable in BA15D and BAY15D fittings. Dual voltage 12V/24V

Image 1 39mm x 68mm. 250Lm. CRI 80+. 300MA 12v, 150MA 24V

0.5W / 2.5W Dual Wattage BAY15D SBC (twin base contacts) Medium White. Dual voltage suits both 12V/24V

Image 1 17mm x 45mm. 65Lm / 130Lm.

Click on the image below for wiring illustration for using 1.2W / 2.5W

Wiring for BA15D Dual  wattage bulbs. See matching brass sockets on accessories page

12V and / or 24V DC 2W and 3W plus dual wattage 1.2/2.5w options
Colour temperature: Warm 2700k and Medium 4200k WHITE
Average Lumens: 65 lumen per watt
CRI: 80
Average Lamp life: 30,000 hours
Operating temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Lamp has built in Polarity Protection
Base fitting: BA15D (twin base contacts), BAY15D (twin base contacts) and BA15S (single base contact). BA15D also known as SBC - Small Bayonet Cap
Dimensions: 45mm long max x 17mm. Note: 3W Fresnel style lamp is as follows: 39mm x 68mm
Operating Voltage: 10-30VDC MAX (12V / 24V DC Nom)