12V LED Festoon Lighting Strings

12V DC - LED Party Garden Lights 10 Meters string with 20 B22 LED lamps

5 12V LED Party Christmas Lights

Beautiful and powerful! LED lighting ideal to decorate your garden or for a special party feature! Supplied exclusively by OnSolar as 10 Meter lighting strings complete with 20 X B22 sockets - just right for our 12V DC coloured LED bulbs! Can be used with your 12 DC volt solar PV system or via a dedicated 12V DC LED driver from your 240V AC home supply. Led Bulbs are rated around 40 to 60 lumen depending on colour in cheerful primary colours: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and White, golf ball standard shape. Lamps contain multiple high quality LED chipsets. Strings are IP44 rated and suitable for outdoor use with quality rubber lamp gaskets to ensure a snug fit into the sockets. High quality flat profile 2 core cable.

B22 / Bayonet Cap fittting IP44 10 Meter Garden Lighting string supplied with 20 X 12V LED Lamps.

Complete Set £79.00 (Sorry, sold out) 20 Light Set

Note: Set supplied with full complement of 12V DC coloured LED Lamps. Cable is terminated with soldered ends ready to connect into your low voltage garden circuit. 3 meter lead in to first socket. Sets can be mounted using the lamp sockets built in lugs with screws or one can use string / garden twine or nylon zip lock fasteners to attach to a fence, tree etc. Please do not attempt to connect these units into a regular 240V AC mains power supply - they are intended for 12V DC use only.

Buy our 10 Meter festoon lighting string with 20 IP44 B22 lamp sockets and fit your own 240V AC Pygmy lamps

20 X B22 Socket String with fitted 3 pin AC plug

Note: This string is the same as our other option except that it is supplied without lamps and is fitted with a regular 240V AC three pin safety fused plug to enable the use of regular 240V AC 15W incandescent coloured pygmy lamps

Socket Set Only Sorry, sold out 10M String with 20 X B22 Sockets Only  

Buy the fabulous OnSolar G45 COLOURED LED Lamps in bargain 5 colour packs or singularly

Lamps approx 45mm X 85mm. Average Lumen Output of each lamp: 40-60LM (depending on colour). B22 / Bayonet fitting Only.

1 X 12V G45 Colour Lamp: £3.50 (Sorry, sold out)
Set of all 5 colours / 5 lamps £13.99 (Sorry, sold out)
Energy efficiency rating A Energy effeciency rating
Colour temperature options mixed colour options
Lumens 50
Average Lamp life 30,000 hours
Operating temperature -20°C +50°C
Base fittings B22 Bayonet Cap
Dimensions 85mm X 45mm
Operating Voltage 11 - 15V DC MAX (12V DC Nom)
3 Year Warranty against premature failure
Approx. equivalent light output 5W plus