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9W 12V & 24V DC CFL Warm White Bulb

12V 24V 9 Watt CFL

9W 12V & 24V DC CFL Warm White Bulb

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A modern 'A rated' energy saving compact fluorescent lamp ideal for a huge range of applications where a good level of light is required with low energy consumption. This premium grade 9W CFL provides a very useful 'warm white' light source which is a good replacement for a typical 40W domestic incandescent lamp

Specially developed for use in domestic environments where the gentle warm light colour of regular incandescent lighting would be preferred but with the energy saving benefits of modern low voltage compact fluorescent technology.

Ideal low energy lighting for workshops and remote applications as well as household, boating and caravan use. A nice bulb to use in typical household style light fittings such as table lamps and standard lamps (12v or 24v DC of course).Show More / Less

Please note: Unit price changes according to quantity. See a break down of our discount structure here: discount overview table

Sorry, both 12V & 24V 9W options now sold out. Awaiting our new LED replacements.

Some 11W 12V stock still available.

Tube Shape Spiral - Space saving
Energy efficiency rating A
Colour temperature options 2700°K (kelvin) Warm White and 4200°K Medium White
Lumen output 500
Average Lamp life 8,000 hours
Operating temperature -10°C +50°C
Fittings B22 bayonet Cap and E27 available
Dimensions 120mm X 42mm (+/- 2mm)
Operating Voltage 12V (11 to 15V) 24V (20 - 28V) DC max
Approx. equivalent light output 40W
IC control circuit Sine Wave with Pre start