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Premium Grade 12V and 24V, 20W and 40W Fluorescent ballast driver units

DC CFL Ballast

Premium Grade 12V and 24V, 20W, 30W and 40W Fluorescent ballast driver units

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OnSolar high grade DC Fluorescent Ballast Drivers. 20, 30 and 40W DC electronic fluorescent tube drivers / ballast units for domestic, commercial and marine applications.

These special units have been developed for use in 12v or 24v dc fluorescent strip lighting applications to power regular T8 tubes. These can be installed into existing luminaries to convert from AC to DC or can be used for custom installations.

The fluorescent tubes operating voltage (sine wave) is generated via a high quality fully electronic Integrated circuit to provide stable frequency, preventing flicker. Preheat starting as standard, to prolong lamp life, give good performance and high stability. Ballast is protected against failure: When no tube is connected, and when input inadvertently reverse polarity.

An ideal electronic ballast unit to power 18w/20w 60cm, 28/30w 90cm or 36w/40w 120cm T8 fluorescent tubes (choose option required as the case may be) in Domestic Off Grid homes, Trains, Boats / Ships, Remote Off Grid Solar for Barn, Stable, Workshop lighting, and more. Show More / Less

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Operating Voltage 12V or 24V DC Nominal. Unit is protected against low and high voltage within range: (-) 15% and (+) 20%
Wattage Use only with a single 18/20W, 28/30 or 36/40W fluorescent tube (as the case may be)
Guarantee 2 Years
Operating temperature -20°C +35°C
Connectivity Screw Terminal connections for input and tube connections
Saftey Features Built in Polarity Protection
Fittings Mounting hole each end of case 9.5mm X 4mm
Dimensions L 202 x H 28 x W 40 mm
Efficiency 85% (+/-5% depending on operating voltage)