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High grade E27, GX53 and SES lamp sockets

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High grade E27, E14 and BA15D lamp sockets

The following products have been selected by us for thier quality and ideal use for 12v and 24v DC rated projects. These items are not intended to be used with 240V AC lighting circuits. Show More / Less

Please note: Unit price changes according to quantity. See a break down of our discount structure here: discount overview table

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ES / E27 Batten sockets

SES / E14 Batten sockets

E27 Pendant sockets (black)

BA15D / SBC Batten sockets (basic)

BA15D / SBC Batten sockets (Deluxe Brass)

Technical details and specifications:

Lamp Sockets have been selected for suitability with DC rated circuits. Maximum loading not to exceed 30 watts each fitting (at 12/24v dc).
Ideal for use with 12V and 24V DC CFL, LED & CCFL
Reccommended use with lamps up to Up 30W (at 12 / 24V DC)
Fittings E27 / ES, E14 / SES, GX53