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High Grade DC PIR Sensor Unit. This product has been developed to operate with 12v DC power supply to enable the triggering of an exterior lighting circuit (or other equipment) by detection of movement.

Coverage is affected by the unit when wall mounted at a suitable height to detect movement in the required ‘zone’. Movement is then taken by the infrared sensor to trigger an internal switch to close. The sensor may be used to operate; garden, courtyard or security lamp(s) and other 12V DC low energy lighting up to a maximum of 30W.

Product Highlights:

Built in input polarity protection.

Detecting head is fully adjustable left-right and up-down.

Separate High quality Input & Output glands are used to accommodate most cable sizes.

1 Year Guarantee

Units are made at our works to order so a Next Working Day delivery may not always be available on this item (please contact us before you purchase if this is particularly important to you).

N.B: Contact us if you need to 'PIR' control higher power DC lighting up 100w (or more). Or alternatively, if you need isolated output switching contacts.

Basic Specifications:

Operating Voltage 12V DC (11 to 15V DC)
Wattage 30W Max load (2.5 amps)
Detection distance 2 - 12 meters
On Time duration 5 seconds to 8 mins
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Fitting Exterior Wall Mount
Standby current 4-5ma (very small)

Select standard unit:

1 X Exterior 12V DC PIR Standard Unit £31.20 Buy

Select With 'armed' flashing LED Fitted to underside:

1 X Exterior 12V DC PIR + blinking LED £31.20 Buy

38mm Festoon LED lamps

A terrific little LED festoon lamp ideal for many fitting that normally accept a 38mm festoon bulb. It's 1.5W rating is easily comparable and better than a regular 5W incandescent.

Lamp has built in polarity protection

Operating Voltage 12V DC
Wattage 1.5W
Lumen Output 80 Lumens
Average Lamp Life 30,000 Hours
Operating Temperature -20°C to +50°C
Fitting Standard 38mm festoon
Colour Medium White

** Special LOW PRICE *** Select Quantity:

1 X 38mm 1.5W £2.25 Buy
2 X 38mm 1.5W £4.00 Save 6% Buy

Handy Push to Break Switches

What is a 'Push To Break' switch / what can it do?

Glad you asked! It is a door operated switch. This means your lamp (for example) will turn on when 'the door' is opened. A small 250V AC 2A rated switch which is Ideal for door operated lighting. Example: Open your shed door to automatically operate a small low wattage lamp (maybe 1W, 3W or even 7W) 12V LED or CFL. So, having fitted your OnSolar 12V CFL or LED lamp into your shed, you now have no more problem blindly searching through boxes or shelves with a torch of an evening!

This style of micro switch could (for example) be attached to the inside edge of a shed door frame. See more details of how to install a 12V shed lamp here

2 Amp 250 volt rated - we suggest 1amp at 12V DC
Screw terminal conection: Easy insertion of your wires, simple to clamp using a small blade electrical screwdriver (just like plug screws)
Fixing: The body has 2 small holes through which one can insert small 1" wood screws
Dimensions: -30mm X 24mm X 11mm
Operating button protrudes 11mm. Allow around 5mm slack for the switch to compress when the door is closed

Select Quantity:

Buy one 'Push To Break' switch £2.99 1 A @ 12V Buy

12V LED Festoon Lighting Strings

12V DC - LED Party Garden Lights 10 Meters string with 20 B22 LED lamps

Beautiful and powerful! LED lighting ideal to decorate your garden or for a special party feature! Supplied exclusively by OnSolar as 10 Meter lighting strings complete with 20 X B22 sockets - just right for our 12V DC coloured LED bulbs! Can be used with your 12 DC volt solar PV system or via a dedicated 12V DC LED driver from your 240V AC home supply. Led Bulbs are rated around 40 to 60 lumen depending on colour in cheerful primary colours: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and White, golf ball standard shape. Lamps contain multiple high quality LED chipsets. Strings are IP44 rated and suitable for outdoor use with quality rubber lamp gaskets to ensure a snug fit into the sockets. High quality flat profile 2 core cable.

B22 / Bayonet Cap fittting IP44 10 Meter Garden Lighting string supplied with 20 X 12V LED Lamps.

Complete Set £79.00 20 Light Set Sold Out

Note: Set supplied with full complement of 12V DC coloured LED Lamps. Cable is terminated with soldered ends ready to connect into your low voltage garden circuit. 3 meter lead in to first socket. Sets can be mounted using the lamp sockets built in lugs with screws or one can use string / garden twine or nylon zip lock fasteners to attach to a fence, tree etc. Please do not attempt to connect these units into a regular 240V AC mains power supply - they are intended for 12V DC use only.

Buy our 10 Meter festoon lighting string with 20 IP44 B22 lamp sockets and fit your own 240V AC Pygmy lamps

20 X B22 Socket String with fitted 3 pin AC plug

Note: This string is the same as our other option except that it is supplied without lamps and is fitted with a regular 240V AC three pin safety fused plug to enable the use of regular 240V AC 15W incandescent coloured pygmy lamps

Socket Set Only £25.00 10M String with 20 X B22 Sockets Only Buy

Buy the fabulous OnSolar G45 COLOURED LED Lamps in bargain 5 colour packs or singularly

Lamps approx 45mm X 85mm. Average Lumen Output of each lamp: 40-60LM (depending on colour). B22 / Bayonet fitting Only.

1 X 12V G45 Colour Lamp: £3.50 Sorry, coloured lamps are now Sold Out
Set of 5 White Lamps £13.99 Sorry, white lamps are now Sold Out

BA15-D Lamp Sockets

NEW IN! Cute little BA15D sockets (a great match for our special BA15D LED bulbs - see above) - SEE super 12v and 24v BA15D LED 1W and 3W here

Ready to connect into your 12V or 24V DC project.

Mounting tabs can be gently bent to suit your installation

Suitable for your interior 12V and 24V DC projects
BA15D (otherwise known as small bayonet fitting SBC)
Size: 30 mm length (tip to tip)
Two mounting holes
Not to be used for AC
Indoor or use in weatherproof locations (garage, shed, outbuildings, etc)

Versatile BA15D sockets ideal to mount our fabulous little 1 watt / 3 Watt LED's as above!

1 X BA15D Socket £2.00 Buy
2 X BA15D Socket £3.50 Buy

High quality Blade Fuse holders

NEW IN! A handy splash proof fuse holder ready to take your 'blade fuse' of 3, 5, 7.5, or 10 amps. An ideal item for when you need a suitably rated fuse to protect your low voltage, low energy lighting circuit. A fuse should always be employed into your low voltage lighting project to protect against fire in the event of a short circuit.

The fuse holder should be situated in your circuit as close to your battery or DC power supply as possible. Please remember that remote locations can be invaded by small creatures which can damage wiring and potentially cause fire - always use a fuse!

Note: Use one fuse for each circuit

Use with 12V and 24V DC
Water resistant Blade Fuse holder
Not to exceed 20 amps
Use one for each circuit in use
Not to be used for AC
Holder has clip over top and is weatherproof against damp but should not be exposed to directly to water
Insert Fuse of your choice

Select Quantity:

1 X Blade Fuse Holder £2.25 Buy
2 X Blade Fuse Holders £4.00 Buy
5 X Blade Fuse Holders £8.75 Buy

E27 Batten Mount Lamp holders

Basic E27 Batten Lamp Socket. Lamp shade / fitting cannot be attached. We have added these lamp sockets especially for our customers as a great option to batten mount our range of regular E27 / Edison screw fitting lamps: The fuse holder should be situated in your circuit as close to your battery or DC power supply as possible. Please remember that remote locations can be invaded by small creatures which can damage wiring and potentially cause fire - always use a fuse!

Note: The E27 sockets are now a regular stock item as well as NEW pendant options, E14, GX53 and more - click here to BUY now

Regular Batten mount E27 lamp fitting
Use with 12V and 24V DC CFL, LED & CCFL
Up 30W (at 12 / 24V DC)
Rated 4A 250V AC.

AMAZING NEW OLD STOCK! Genuine 100 Year Old Original Mazda Lamps.

We have a modest quantity of genuine B.T.H Mazda 20W 105V Lamps in a B22 base fitting. They work absolutely fine from a 110v ac adaptor. A really super genuine lamp most of which are around 100 years old, yes that's 100 YEARS OLD!

We test before dispatch to ensure the little beauties are working. A lovely item for a collectors of vintage lamps. Lamps date from 1911. Original packaging is in good condition and includes original and very quaint manufacturers tips and advice.

These lamps really can be used. however, we would advise running with an appropriate transformer to reduce the voltage to less than 100V. In this way the life expectancy will be increased dramatically (assuming you want to install and actually use them for lighting purposes).

1 X Vintage BTH Mazda Lamp 20W £8.00 B22 Bayonet cap fitting Buy
2 X Vintage BTH Mazda Lamp 20W £14.00 B22 Bayonet cap fitting Buy

Rare collectors item. Limited stock available. UK Bayonet Cap / B22 base fitting

12V DC Timer Units

Newly arrived 12 volt DC timer units. Options include Din Mount, panel mount and regular surface mounting.

Works with your 12v DC supply to fully regulate your load with its quality built in digital timer. Weekly or daily programming can be set for special sequences, etc. Contact rating a full 10 amps at 12V DC (nominal 120 watts maximum switching power). Need to control larger circuits? Just use the timer to operate a relay with 20 or 30 amp contacts!

Daily or Weekly / 7 day programs
Very small Size, 60*60*21mm
Back up battery to preserve programs - 3 yrs
Works with 12V DC
Surface mounting unit (screw direct to wall)
Isolated contacts. Can be used to switch a circuit with different operating voltage (for example) Always consult an electrician if you are unsure how to proceed
Full programing and operating instructions included.

Click on the image (to the right) to see a larger image of a basic Schematic Wiring Diagram to assist with your timer installation. N.B: Current version is single pole, single throw contact (acts like a conventional on off swith)

Select Quantity:

1 X 12V DC Digital Timer £12.75 Buy