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If you have a blog or website in a area of interest that fits well with our DC lighting products you may wish to consider connecting with us using our affiliate program. You will then be able to make sales and generate an income from sales referred from your site. You will not have to carry any stock / inventory or have to deal with customer service, postage and such.

We will give you a piece of code to insert into the relevant place on your site so that when a customer purchases an item, you will receive your referral fee of 8% of sale value (excluding shipping fees).

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OnSolar 12V and 24V DC lighting products are perfect for energy conscious users who need high quality products for real life applications such as DIY Solar Homes, Small / Medium Craft and Narrow and River Boat owners, Caravan enthusiasts, Off Grid; Farming for remote outbuildings and workshops, Preppers, Homesteading, Modular Buildings, Micro Homes, Emergency Housing, Shipping Container homes, Earth Shelter Homes, Disaster Housing, and areas such as Landscape Garden lighting and Wet area / Pool side lighting and Third world Lighting projects.

OnSolar is part of the long established Tara's Choice Limited group, first established in 2002. A family run business with a very high regard for our customers and their needs.

One of the main reasons for creating 'OnSolar' website was so that we could offer our customers old and new, a range of high quality 12V DC CFL and CC CFL lamps at an attractive price. Lamps are manufactured to our specifications. Our interest is driven by a passion spanning some 35 years of working with low voltage lighting!

We love the whole concept of low energy, low voltage DC lighting and being able tap into the free and endless power available from the Sun and Wind to power. Using 12V and 24v DC Lighting direct with a DC power supply is very efficient with minimal 'loss' or wasted power. Using an 240v ac inverter to provide AC lighting from your DC supply or battery set is not so efficient and usually incurs an average 8-20% loss (wasted energy).

Trade enquiries welcome!

Trade enquiries are welcome. Please send your request to us via our contact us page. We welcome trade enquires. If you feel our low voltage, low energy lighting products are a good fit with your customer base and you are interested in stocking OnSolar lamps, please drop us a line here. In general, we offer a minimum order qty of just 30 units on our DC rated bulbs and can offer a nice rate for genuine trade enquiries'. We supply overseas as well as UK and EU based projects big or small, no order too large. We specialise in real DC lighting and have items constantly in development - it is our passion this past 35 years.

Our aim is to supply just what you need so don't be afraid to ask!

We can also supply overseas projects; please enquire further if you require low energy lamps for a large scale off grid project. N.B: Please detail your request as comprehensively as possible and indicate your business details and / or website address where applicable.