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by Ken Harbour on July 21, 2012

OnSolar has had the pleasure of supplying low voltage, low energy lighting to some really exciting projects this year 2012

We had the pleasure of supplying our special low energy 12V DC lighting for a special project this year called ‘Peace Camp’.

This special event is taking place from the 19th July to 22nd 2012. You will see from the link there are many sites around the UK where Peace Camp have set up special coastal installations celebrating love, poetry and landscape. The nightime images of illuminated tents are of course where our lighting has found application.

Peace Camp 2012

Here is the offical word as detailed by Fiona Shaw:
Something extraordinary is happening this year as part of the London 2012 Festival. Inspired by the Olympic Truce, whose roots date back to Ancient Greece, renowned director Deborah Warner has been commissioned to create a coastal installation encircling the UK in collaboration with actor Fiona Shaw.

Eight murmuring, glowing encampments will appear simultaneously at some of our most beautiful and remote coastal locations, from County Antrim to the tip of Cornwall, from the Isle of Lewis to the Sussex cliffs. Designed to be visited between dusk and dawn, Peace Camp is a poignant exploration of love poetry and a celebration of the extraordinary variety and beauty of our coastline.

You can see more here:

Well done to all who all who made Peace Camp a reality this year. OnSolar was certainly proud to be able to supply 12v CFL for the project.

Another very intesting project was for us to be able to supply suitable low energy LED lighting units for HMS Victory’s lighting refit / update.

During a re-fit it was decided to use low energy, low voltage lighting on special circuits to enable the magnificent HMS Victory to be illuminted using discrete LED units concealed within the ships existing lighting units. The famous ship resides at Portmouth Harbour and can be visited by the general public.

The period lighting units…

Image from :

Something very different for low voltage 12v 7W CCFL

Did you know that Banks have bank vaults? Of course you did!

But, did you know ‘they’ are all being fitted with OnSolar Low Energy 7W CCFL? Yes, our special low voltage, low energy lamps are being fitted to all banks throughout the UK to enable bank staff to have light available automatically even when regular AC power is cut or unavailable. If you hadn’t guessed already, bank vaults have no windows and can be very dark without power!

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