Supplemental Home Power System Using DC LED Light Bulbs

by Ken Harbour on September 1, 2014

Flooding caused by global worming

Flooding caused by global worming

Some of us are looking to being at least semi independent of the power companies by installing a supplemental home power system. How can we do this? Well, we can gain some independence by installing a supplemental power system which will work independently of our regular AC power supply to provide a crucial alternative power source.

Why would anyone want to do this, what’s the problem? Well one can certainly argue that the future availability or reliability of our regular domestic AC power supply may not be guaranteed. There are a number of reasons for this and it is up to the individual to decide how they feel about such, it is not my job here to predict or pre-empt any particular possible scenario but suffice to say people with a supplemental home power system will be able to continue with their daily lives more effectively should the ‘AC’ power fail. We have probably all seen the ‘sci-fi’ movies where power goes out / off all over the country and everything and everyone grinds to a halt…

Rain or Shine, hot or cold, a PV array will produce free energy

Rain or Shine, hot or cold, a PV array will produce free energy. From a single PV panel right through to a full Off Grid system, Free energy is ready to be harvested every day!

Who should consider installing a supplemental power system and what is it anyway? Well I guess there is scope for a huge proportion of home owners to install such a system if they have any concerns about power reliability or just a desire to be a little more independent of the power companies. Such a power system is simply an alternative way to source power for certain electrical items should one need it. How simple or how complex this ‘system’ will be depends on how much you wish to invest and which system or systems you would prefer to make this alternative power available for.A typical entry level system could be a simple as a means to ensure your mobile telephones and other portable computing devices will always have a charging network available in your home. Taking things a step further one could install a dedicated full house DC powered lighting system or have the homes existing lighting system professionally modified to be full time DC powered and which will continue to operate as normal even when or if required due to a mains power outage. Such a system could be built out to include extra’s such as a dedicated circuit for refrigeration or deep freezing equipment for example.

Some interested has started to develop with some early adopters of such supplemental home power systems and now some of the ‘FiT Solar PV installing companies are realising that homes fitted with solar PV ‘feed in tariff’ type systems are inevitably plunged into darkness when power is cut by storm / power line damage or worse by a complete ‘power outage’. One can cover basic’s such as lighting using the homes existing network of cabling and retro fitting a special DC power / Solar PV system with a simple dedicated control system and high Tec battery. The backup system sits diligently waiting between your normal lighting systems and your regular AC power line to spring into action and…. keep the lighting working as if nothing had happened – clever stuff. This will of course involve some new equipment being installed such as a control cabinet containing electronics and a special High Tec battery. Such a system will almost certainly be designed to operate 12v or 24v DC LED lighting.

So one’s home supplemental power system need not be restricted to camping lanterns or torches, indeed one can enjoy fabulous modern home LED lighting the equivalent to ‘normal’ AC mains lighting – just that it is DC powered:)

A fabulous power independent home

A fabulous power independent home

OnSolar is developing a range of excellent quality lighting products for use with 12v and 24v DC* off grid independent and /  or supplemental power systems, easily the equivalent to any regular AC lighting – but just more efficient. So, no matter how so called high Tec the home or project, using a supplemental DC power system with OnSolar lighting products will allow at least some independence from the power companies, for many a crucial factor that can provide power and normality during a power outage.

We  hope you found our article about using a supplemental power system enlightening. *Other voltages available please contact to discuss your requirements.

Be good to yourself, your peers and your planet.

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