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Green Living For The Home

by Dave Stephenson March 5, 2013

Many homes in the UK were built in an era when the phrase ‘green living’ had not even been invented. Energy costs were low and climate change was not a factor to be taken into consideration when designing one’s home. Times have changed drastically. Energy has become expensive and due to global warming the future […]

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Installing and Working with ELV Extra Low Voltage 12V – 24V DC

by Ken Harbour February 10, 2013

Some handy information about ELV or Extra Low Voltage systems and what is important to consider when working with such low voltage systems. Smaller Off Grid remote power installations normally work with a 12v or 24v DC supply. This supply is often comprised of or powered by Solar PV and / or a small wind turbine. […]

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Off Grid Lighting

by Ken Harbour October 2, 2012

Let’s consider a moderately sized remote stable block with 4 separate areas which we want to illuminate. Maybe there is as a dedicated working area which can of course be fitted with an independent light circuit complete with switch with say two of the new breed OnSolar 3w led bulbs.

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A beautiful little 3.5-inch digital TV

by Ken Harbour October 1, 2011

A 3.5-inch digital TV to watch TV on your travels. It has a built in speaker and headphone socket plus a MicroSD socket to playback MP3s

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12V Lighting For Stable Block or Barns

by Ken Harbour May 13, 2010

One of the most gratifying things a horse owner can do is to install a simple 12v lighting system into the stable to allow maintenance routines to be carried out throughout the year in complete safety.

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