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How Long Will My Battery Last In My DC Lighting Project?

by Ken Harbour May 11, 2010

That is a Good Question! It is very useful to be able to calculate watt hours to enable a good match for battery to your DC lighting project. It doesn’t matter if your building a small solar PV lighting system for a workshop or designing your first electric car, it is going to be Very valuable to […]

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Anyone Can Build An Electric Car

by Ken Harbour March 17, 2010

What is involved then; there must be a massive amount of parts and gizmos involved to do something like this? Not really, take a look below to see the main components

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Keeping A Healthy 12v Battery Pack!

by Ken Harbour May 27, 2009

In our experience, one of the quickest ways to destroy a lead acid battery set is to regularly discharge it to a low voltage. We would not advise running a battery below around 75% capacity or below around 12.3v as it’s life will be dramatically shortened. Another area which must be regularly checked is the […]

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