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Installing and Working with ELV Extra Low Voltage 12V – 24V DC

by Ken Harbour February 10, 2013

Some handy information about ELV or Extra Low Voltage systems and what is important to consider when working with such low voltage systems. Smaller Off Grid remote power installations normally work with a 12v or 24v DC supply. This supply is often comprised of or powered by Solar PV and / or a small wind turbine. […]

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12v-24v DC 30W LED Floodlights are go!

by Ken Harbour November 26, 2012

Our new 12v – 24v DC 30W LED floodlights are now available! Our new premium grade DC led floodlights are finally through development and are available right now from the website. This new 12v 30w floodlight is quite a beast and better still with the ability work with a 24V DC systems with no alteration. […]

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Building a Marmite Jar Chandelier – A Homemade Chandelier

by Ken Harbour October 18, 2012

Building a Homemade Marmite Jar Chandelier The Marmite Jar Chandelier has been designed partly to provide an interesting piece for the home and partly to serve as a functioning lamp providing a modest amount of illumination for say a TV or music room. Of course, it was paramount that the lamp could run on a 12V DC power […]

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Off Grid Lighting

by Ken Harbour October 2, 2012

Let’s consider a moderately sized remote stable block with 4 separate areas which we want to illuminate. Maybe there is as a dedicated working area which can of course be fitted with an independent light circuit complete with switch with say two of the new breed OnSolar 3w led bulbs.

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Interesting DC lighting projects for

by Ken Harbour July 21, 2012

OnSolar has had the pleasure of supplying low voltage, low energy lighting to some really exciting projects this year 2012 We had the pleasure of supplying our special low energy 12V DC lighting for a special project this year called ‘Peace Camp’. This special event is taking place from the 19th July to 22nd 2012. You […]

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