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12V DC LED Lamps Lights and Lighting comes of Age!

by Ken Harbour on March 1, 2011

The NEW OnSolar.co.uk GX53 3 Watt LED lighting unit
The NEW OnSolar.co.uk GX53 3 Watt LED lighting unit

I am happy to report that we at OnSolar.co.uk have been quietly testing 12V DC LED lighting options for the past 7 or 8 years. Until recently, we were basically fairly unimpressed I have to say! However, the landscape has started to change and things are certainly getting very interesting.  We now have several types of LED high power single chip / multi chip lamp options available which are very potent indeed.

One of the things we have tried to do whilst attempting to provide products for our discerning market, was to bring products which actually provided a full solution to a particular low voltage lighting quandary, not just a stop gap or ‘that will do’ scenario. We now have several items which have been rigorously tested and which we use ourselves in homes, workshop and processing depts to great effect.

The fist item discussed here on the OnSolar.co.uk Blog is something of a ‘dark horse’ since it looks a little like one of those cheap battery operated ‘sticky back’ LED units, designed to put under kitchen cupboards, etc. The item referred to was of course just a gimmick and produced about as much useful light as a glow worm. I am of course happy to confirm that our lamps only look vaguely similar to those at first glance!! Our new lamp is in fact a complete 12V DC lighting unit in GX53 format and surface mountable just about anywhere that good quality light is required. The lamp is rated at just 3 watts and provides and very generous 220 Lumens. One of the lovely benefits of such a brilliantly designed little lamp is that it can be used in areas where there is restricted headroom such as on board boats such as Narrow Boats. At just 1 inch, the protrusion is very small. 4 units installed in a row over say 6 feet will provide ample illumination of around 880 Lumens (approximately equal to 75w as a rough guide). Take a look at the 12V DC 3W LED GX53 

The quality of these little units at just 3 inches wide is hard to portray here but suffice to say, they are made to a high standard and are in fact quite heavy what with the extraordinary large cooling fins built into the back of the unit. The lamp unit has a lovely dark chrome finish as standard.

The lamp is supplied complete with socket and cable ready to connect to your project. A nice quality Chromium coloured socket is available as an upgrade if desired.