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Anyone Can Build An Electric Car

by Ken Harbour on March 17, 2010

You Want To Know How To Build Your Own Electric Car?
Did you ever think that making an electric car or doing a conversion would be nice but were put off by the price and or possible complexity?

Just plug your electric in for a few cents or pence each day and start saving!

Just plug your electric car in for a few cents or pence each day and start saving!

We are all unhappy about the endless cycle of spending good money every week at the Petrol or Gas station right? Actually, No we are NOT stuck Spoon feeding the big oil companies our hard earnt income every single week!

Oh yeah, just go build an electric car… You’re probably already thinking that this is out of the question right? Possibly you have never even serviced your car let alone considered converting an electric car… Well, the truth is that virtually anyone can tackle a project like this by following a thorough and truly well made guide. Yes, it’s true you would almost certainly be able to convert a regular gasoline powered car to running on electricity just by following a really well made recipe or road map. A steps made by someone who has already successfully converted regular cars into ‘EV’s’ to run on batteries.

Stop using that over priced, air polluting garbage you find yourself having to put into your car every week and think about the simplicity of just hooking up your vehicle to charge at your own home… sounds good don’t it? You really could do a conversion, even if you truly are a novice with little or no knowledge of the workings of automotive engines.

Vehicle owners who have done this are so excited about it they just want to spread the word. Why is this? The reason is because it works, simple as that! The parts and information now available to people like you and I is fantastic!
I think we all know why there is a fair amount of negativity about electric car out there, after all if we all what is nobody wanted that oil anymore!

It’s your life, your time to make a break and do something which will really make you feel very happy.

What is involved then; there must be a massive amount of parts and gizmos involved to do something like this? Not really, take a look below to see the main components. Of course there is more to it and other modifications which will be employed to complete the conversion but all is explained in the instantly downloadable program which I am recommending to you. See the main parts here:

1: An special AC Electric Motor. Your regular petrol / gasoline motor unit is removed (and usually sold on if still good) and is replaced with: A small electric motor – this replaces the complete oil laden motor train.

2: A set of high-tec batteries is installed. This provides the power source which your vehicle will power you on a daily basis.

3: A speed control. This is like an overgrown version of a domestic lighting dimmer switch and provides the vehicles speed control via your regular accelerator pedal.

4: A battery charger. Just like a standard battery charger only bigger! Plug in your homes ac supply to replenish the power you use.

You will learn not only how to do the entire conversion step by step to enable you to build a fabulous electric car of your own but also details of how to source all the parts at really low, bargain prices – this priceless information will really bring a smile to your face. There is an massive amount of money and time saving advice and recommendations to allow you to get your project off the ground and running saving you endless hours of head scratching. Without the proper information, building / making an electric car converting an electric car could be a waste you a lot of money and time nightmare so go get your no risk e-book right now and make your EV dream come true.