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Pilot Whale Massacre – Faroe Islands

by Ken Harbour on November 19, 2009

I am always very keen to learn and hopefully understand more about the animals we co-habit our planet with. I an no expert when it comes to matters concerning the culling, capture, murder or otherwise mutilation of wild animals and often find even necessary culling of overpopulated or dangerous animals distasteful.  I recently became aware of something that I find deeply disturbing and to be honest, I am having trouble understanding…
If anyone can explain why the slaughter of Pilot whales is actually necessary, I will be keen to attempt to learn. PLEASE DO NOT VIEW the short video below OR the pictures unless you have a strong stomach. It is not my intention publish freakish or unpalatable news items here on the OnSolar blog, please accept my apologies if it is upsetting but I find this lunacy breathtakingly pitiful – it should be stopped.
Like many dolphins and their relatives, the ‘Pilot Whale’ (I believe this to be the correct name for these particular animals) has an inquisitive, friendly nature and seems easily duped – not initially afraid of people… Feel free to comment.
I have amended the above information today (20/11/09) as is it was not correct in fact. I have been suitably updated and can inform anyone reading this post that the ‘Dolphins’ are actually whales, Pilot Whales. Much of the information currently in circulation around the ‘web’ regarding this bizarre slaughter is not accurate due to some errors in translation from the original article (which I have to say, I strongly suspected). Many thanks to PhilBee in New Zealand for taking the time to help clarify. You can gain a little more info here.

Below is a short sequence of pictures which illustrates the methods used to dispatch these creatures…








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