off grid lighting

Many thanks to Mr D Jones for providing us with the image here for the OnSolar Blog. Mr Jones is using OnSolar 12V DC low energy lamps to provide illumination for his sheep – how cool is that!

Another totally cool off grid application for 12v DC lighting – a simple regulator, 12v battery, 2-core lighting cable a switch and some OnSolar low energy 12V DC bulbs provides a comfortable light level for the owner and the animals. Safe maintenance and simple chores can be performed with ease when a quality light source is available on site.

OnSolar 12v lighting making life a little brighter for sheep

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Off Grid Lighting

by Ken Harbour October 2, 2012

Let’s consider a moderately sized remote stable block with 4 separate areas which we want to illuminate. Maybe there is as a dedicated working area which can of course be fitted with an independent light circuit complete with switch with say two of the new breed OnSolar 3w led bulbs.

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