solar power

Make Your Own Electricity Using Solar Power

by Ken Harbour on October 4, 2010

Who needs Coal or Nuclear power?

Some people are at last seeing the light when it comes to harvesting the Suns solar energy.

The Future is Solar Powered!With the falling cost of production for modern high efficiency power producing solar powered technologies, it will soon be possible for motivated home owners to fit and install Micro Power generating systems which will be able to fulfil all domestic requirements.

We firmly believe using solar and wind power and converting the energy to hydrogen gas for storage purposes will prove to be the most fabulous power solution for many projects from small micro generation to massive schemes powering many thousands of homes and businesses.

Whilst new ideas are rapidly coming into fruition, production costs are falling which means these fabulous technologies can become public domain and within reach for more modest projects very fast. With luck, this will mean the eventual demise of the oil and nuclear industries which have thier present strangle hold!

You may wish to view the video below: It provides much in the way of hope for future solar power users…