OnSolar.co.uk 12v / 24v DC lighting News

See whats new - what new 12v lighting products are being released and developed...

Summer 2013

The 3W 12 / 24V DC G9 has arrived

By popular demand, we have now introduced a fantastic G9 version of our super little 3W LED Corn lamp

Top Quality AC - DC LED Driver units

Run your 12 volt DC CFL and / or LED lighting from an AC to DC converter. Choose from 15w and 30w load capacity

10A Solar Regulators / Lighting controllers

Universal voltage controller suitable for 12v or 24v solar PV home solar and other remote power systems. Use to regulate your solar PV power, charge your 12 or 24v battery and control your outdoor or garden / security lighting circuit. Easy install just hook up your battery and solar panel to start collecting solar energy

Spring 2013

Our Fabulous 0.7W 12v LED E14 lamps and more...

OnSolar has introduced some new products: A handy little 0.7w E14 fitting LED in 12V DC,

12v and 24V electronic ballast units:

See our special DC rated ballast units available in 12v and 24v DC with 20w and 40w options! Suits 18 to 20w T8 and 36 to 40W T8/T12

DC Rated DIN Mount Fuse holders:

Make your own DC rated consumer unit and fit our DIN rail mounting fuse units. With a built in red led fail indicators they accept regular 38mm cartridge fuses from 6 amps to 32 amps.

Winter 2012 - 2013

Our Fabulous 2W 10-30v LED lamps and more...

The long awaited arrival of our super bright, super low energy high power low energy 2 Watt LED lamps. Available in Warm White and Medium White colour options with an amazing 140 lumen light output. To suit BA15D / SBC fittings.

OnSolar High Power LED Floodlights:

Our high grade high power LED floodlighting is now available in 10w and 30w options with our own special LED Driver units.

OnSolar DC Stable lighting units:

Our first batch of high grade pendant lamps is now in. These lamps are supplied with weather resistand gland, 50cm Ho5 cable, top quality E27 socket and 7 inch shade, additionally they are supplied fitted with one of our legendary 3W LED Corn lamps as standerd. Use with your 12v or 24v supply right away!

Summer 2012

Our universal voltage 10-30v LED lamps are here!

We are very excited to anounce the arrival of our specially developed high power low energy 3W LED lamps. Available in Warm White and Medium White. To suit E27, B22, E14 and SBC fittings.

Spring 2012

New Premium Quality CFL 12v + 24v B22 fitting 9W

New in our special premium grade CFL stock. Ready for 12v and 24v applications. Specially developed warm white colouration. Click the link below to see more!

Summer 2011

New Premium Quality CFL 12v + 24v B22 fitting 9W

New in our special premium grade CFL stock. Ready for 12v and 24v applications. Specially developed warm white colouration. Click the link below to see more!

Spring 2011

Bargain lamps available... Special Bargains and new items

As part of our dedication to recycling and keeping good quality materials out of the land fill or recycling centres, we are making available special items to our enthusiasts. This may be a selection of DC 12V or 24V lamps or bulbs which take a little longer that usual to reach full brightness or maybe an error in production whereby the lamp has incorrect polarity...

New Year 2011

How about a Super Powerful 12V and 24V DC Flood Light that uses 30W but produces an amazing 2400 lumens of light energy...

Yes, it's true, our new super high quality 12V/24V LED Flood Lights are now available. Our secret is in the Quality of the LED chip set that we employ. We have two choices: Fabulous 10W and 30W options. An awesome lighting product, rated IP65, for your Boat, Stable or remote Buildings / Workshop projects...

Late Autumn 2010

Our super high quality LED E27 lamps are now avilable. Low energy 12 volt LED lamps ready to use in your regular E27 fittings / lamps...

Just like our magnificent GX53 LED units, our special E27 lamps use produce a high light level in the range of 4200k (medium white) with over 200 lumens from just 3 watts. When you need a very effiecient 12v dc lamp look no further...

Autumn 2010

Specialy developed low energy GX53 fittings with very high grade LED chipsets...

What an absolute little gem these are! Whilst using around 1/4 of an amp at 12V DC, these lovely little lighting units actually produce a staggering amount of useful light. Great for low headroom, shed, narrow boats and workshops...

Spring 2010

Our new and improved High quality 12 volt CFL compact fluorescent lamps now available...

A range of 12v dc Compact Fluorescent Lamps / cfl lamps which can be used for special and every day lighting applications for your twelve volt application. We are very pleased to see our popular 11Watt and 20Watt lamps finding favour in an incredible range of 12v dc lighting projects...

A special range of 12V DC Cold Cathode CCFL lamps...

Our special low energy cold cathode OnSolar 12v DC high efficiency CCFL lamps. Very useful for Solar PV, Boat and Caravan owners. Available in 3W and 7W versions, these special lamps are perfect for general indoor and outdoor lighting and give a very 'easy on the eye' medium white colour rendering whilst giving superb power efficiency...