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7W 12V DC CCFL - E27 and B22 fittings

12V 7W White CCFL

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What is a Cold Cathode lamp? In simple terms it means there are NO filaments which means improved reliability, longer life, and higher efficiency!

7W 12V DC CCFL - E27 and B22 fittings

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Super high quality 'A rated' 7 watt 12v DC Cold Cathode fluorescent lamps ideal for a wide range of lighting applications where very high efficiency as well as good quality light is required. Near equivalent to a 40W Incandescent, ideal for in home and DC garden lighting projects.

Perfect for caravan owners and small / medium boat projects and off grid 12v dc power users. N.B: Not recommended for use in small enclosed light fittings.Show More / Less

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ALL 7W CCFL Sold Out. Please see our LED alternative here:

Coil No filament tube
Energy efficiency rating A Energy effeciency rating
Colour temperature options 4100°K Medium White
2700°K Warm White
Lumens 350
Average Lamp life 15,000 - 25,000 hours
Operating temperature -10°C +50°C
Fittings B22 Bayonet Cap
ES-E27 Edison Screw
Dimensions 112mm X 40mm
E27 approx 120mm X 40mm
Operating Voltage 11V - 15V DC (12V DC nom)
12 Months Warranty against premature failure
Approx. equivalent light output 40W