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Hi guys, It’s Ken Harbour here founder and director of OnSolar.co.uk. I thought it would be cool to talk a little about our blog here. OnSolar was started officially in 2009 driven by a passion for all things ‘DC’ power related. Firstly, we wanted to develop a range of lighting products that we would be confident and proud to use ourselves. So, here’s the thing, we wanted to be sure that any products we produce are not just pop up, flavour of the moment gimmicks which fail after a couple weeks and that was paramount! We have spent literally the last 10 years experimenting ‘hands on’ with products that will be suitable for true Off Grid use, products that although working with low voltage DC power supplies will confidently compare with their regular 240v AC brothers.

A vast amount of our time, research and energy was and still is spend exhaustively testing and actually using 12v and 24v dc lighting products and only when we are 100% totally confident everything is perfect with a newly developed product will we go to ahead to manufacturing stage and put our logo on it! To this end, many of our lamps have specially designed driver and ballast units to ensure long life and low electromagnetic radiation levels.

Oh and by the way,  yes, I love organically produced food, good home cooking and especially home made cakes!

Home made cakes rule!

We are adding new and interesting information here on the OnSolar Blog that will benefit people looking for Off Grid related projects. We welcome input from genuine people who wish to contribute and give the benefit of their Off Grid or living by ‘DC’ experiences. So, if you want to tell us about your special DC powered project, off grid home, workshop, DIY marine based home or other 12 volt or 24v project, we would love to hear from you!

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